Craft cider has seen a massive boost in the USA in recent years and some of the finest ciders in the world are now being made in North America. Many of them come from Oregon, New York, Washington and other traditional cider producing regions.

California, for some, doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of apples and cider (over say, wine and almonds) but there are some fantastic craft ciders being made in the Golden State. This is by no means a definitive list (I have many California ciders still to try) and is no particular order.

So here we go!

Humboldt Cider Company – Gravenstein

Tried this straight from the kegs at Humboldt cider company in Northern California. It’s a fantastic take on the classic single varietal cider.




This cider is spectacular. It’s different, bold and refined and is a great compliment to some stinky cheese!



Tin City – Dry Hopped

I’m all for the dry hopped cider movement and whilst there’s many products out there that are just passable, this one takes the cake as one of my favorites. Not easy to find, but well worth it if you do.



101 Cider House – IPC

One of my all time favorite “gateway” ciders to give my friends who like sour beer. It packs quite a punch, but is incredibly drinkable. And if you live in Southern California it’s reasonably easy to find.



Tilted Shed – Graviva!

The folks at Tilted Shed make some of the best ciders found anywhere and this one, to me, is an outstanding cider. Balanced, refreshing with a subtle depth… Perfection!


Stay tuned for part 2…



  1. I know a great California cider you can try! Gowan’s Heirloom Cider won best of show and reserve best of show in the California Cider Competition this year, 100% California grown division. I’m a bit picky with my cider, I’m glad to have ended up working for a cidery that produces stuff I really like, especially the Gravenstein.

    We’re in the process of getting our online store set up, but once that’s in place we can ship anywhere in California! 🍻


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