Late in December last year, we went to Humboldt county and got the meet some of the wonderful cider makers up there (see PRESSED: Wrangletown Cider) and had the opportunity to stop on Michelle, Darren and Jamie from Humboldt Cider Company.


They are beer makers who turned to cider. Between them they are doing a huge amount in the local community – running two bars, a homebrew store and the cider company!

We tried a number of ciders, and at 11am it was quite the start to the day! The team was most accommodating and it’s clear to see the positive team energy behind what their doing. They aren’t scared of some hard work.. clearly. One of the team had just got back from driving round trip to San Francisco to pick up cider for their cider bar (a 5/6hr trip each way).

Can’t say I’ve ever driven that far for a pint!




We sampled the Humboldt Blend, which I thought was fantastic semi dry cider, the Drysdale which was a solid down-the-middle craft cider for a broad audience and the Expecting Confidence which was a very strong (9.8%), rich English style cider.

They also had some single varietal cider including, the Gravenstein, which was my favorite cider of theirs overall.. absolutely fantastic

We also tried a number of their experimental ciders including the “Chocolate” Cider using cacao chaff from Dick Taylor Chocolate and the “Funk” which very funky… smelt like a great stinky French cheese (and that’s not a bad thing at all!)


Be sure to check out Humboldt Cider Company if you’re up in the North Coast area.

A list of their ciders and where they are available can be found here.

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