Well here we have it, the first 10/10 cider reviewed on the site.

I’m a big fan of Rev Nat’s cider on the whole and what he’s doing for the American craft cider scene. That said, good intentions don’t always make good cider. Fortunately in this case, they do!

The Revival Hard Apple is the flagship cider from Rev Nat’s and one his “Year Round” products. To me, this is the perfect balanced cider. It’s rich, but not overwhelming, fruity but not too sweet. When people are starting to explore cider and ask me what to try I usually lead them to this cider, as it’s the perfect parallel to move people from the mass produced ciders to a craft cider without them having to realign their palette too dramatically or early in their cider journey. Now that’s not to knock this cider, it’s made from a “secret blend” of Washington-grown apples to which Nat adds spiloncillo, dark brown evaporated cane juice, purchased direct from Michoacan, Mexico. It’s deep golden color match the richness of flavor.

Lightly effervescent, gently tannic with a low acidic bite and long tail of rich sweetness (without being sickly or overpowering).

There are more bombastic ciders out there, there’s more complex ciders out there… but this, to me, is the perfect american craft cider.


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