In the first of the PRESSED series we got the pleasure of meeting Pat Knittel from Wrangletown Cider up in Arcata, CA.

Arcata is situated deep in Humboldt county on California’s North Coast. It’s a beautiful part of the state, with a rich history in apple growing and cider making.

We met up with Pat at her facility on the outskirts of town.


Within a few minutes of meeting Pat it was clear she’s driven and passionate about making quality craft cider.


She comes from a background in wine making in the Napa and Sonoma counties and recently moved back to her homeland of Humboldt county to start Wrangletown Cider.

Wrangletown is named after the old town she grew up in and was infamous for two women brawling in the streets – which you can find on the wonderful labels for her cider.


She’s running the entire operation herself, which is quite a feat but considering the quality of the cider she’s making I can’t imagine that will be the case for long.


We got to try her flagship cider (and the only one currently available) which comes in a 750ml brown bottle. It was medium dry, bubbly and well balanced. Considering her background in wine, this cider makes a lot of sense.

We were also lucky enough to try three of her “works in progress” including the Monument Apples which is quite simply sublime. One of the best ciders I’ve tried in a long time!


Wrangletown Cider is available now at the following places in Humboldt County (and hopefully further afield soon!)

The Local -Eureka, CA
The Co op – Eureka, CA
Three Corners Market – Freshwater, CA
Bittersweet – Arcata, CA
Wildberries Marketplace – Arcata, CA
Blondie’s – Arcata, CA


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