I’ve previously reviewed the See Canyon Classic and wasn’t a huge fan of it. After meeting the very nice rep at the Hard Core Cider Tour he kindly gave us a bottle of the Premium Dry cider.
To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. If I wasn’t a fan of their flagship cider, I probably wouldn’t be a fan on their other products. Well, I was wrong!

It’s clear they are going for a completely different product with the Premium Dry. Firstly it’s in a dark green champagne-style bottle and sealed with a cork and a cap. Secondly, it’s a really bubbly… opening the bottle gets quite the pop.

The cider itself is fully cleared and very effervescent. Very light on the apple flavor, but a little at the beginning and then a lovely dry finish. It’s a great dry cider and could be a easy product to convert your friends who like dry sparkling wines onto cider.

See Canyon makes one other kind of cider, their dry hopped Triple Threat which I have yet to try, and now am really looking forward to.

SCORE: 9/10

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