What a great day! With over 20 cider makers showcased and multiple kinds of ciders per maker it was a really fun afternoon filled with cider! I won’t attempt to recap every cider we drank, but here are some of the standouts (in no particular order).

Cider Brothers

William tell Pinot Grigio. A great cider, a different idea, Fresh and light and dry

Cider Brothers William Tell

Red Branch

Solid offering from Red Branch. Found most of their ciders to be on the sweet side (and a few too sweet for me) but their seasonal apricot (not pictured) was by far the best.

Red Branch


Nice to see a English cider maker represented in LA. I am a big fan of their products, having tried their flagship many a time. But their Imperial English Cider took to prize and was one of the best ciders of the entire day. Strong, full bodied and balanced.

Aspall Imperial

2 Towns Cider House. 2Towns had many ciders on display from their popular range. My pick of their standard ciders is the Bright Cider, nice balanced dry session cider. But the winner of the day was their seasonal, Rhubarb Cider.


Troy Cider – One of my all-time favorite ciders, and always a pleasure to have it. If you like your ciders on the dry side, try this. Their MMXIII was an absolute stunner, and the MMXIV doesn’t disappoint either.

Troy Cider

101 Cider House – Great to be able to try the full range of 101 Cider House products back to back and finally got to try their new one, Black Dog. It’s a charcoal activated cider, which gives it it’s distinctive color and flavor. A great idea and solid cider, but their SoCal Scrumpy still wins in my book though.

101 Cider Black Dog

Wandering Aengus – Big fan of WA, having tried their Bloom and Wanderlust before. But from the offerings here the Wickson Single Variety stole the show, a fantastic full flavor semi-sweet cider.

Wandering Aengus

Reverend Nats – The Reverend was is good form as always, showcasing three of their best selling ciders; the Hallelujah Hopricot, Revival Apple and Ginger Tonic. I love all three, and Rev Nat’s really shows how a cider maker can add flavors, push the envelope but still deliver top-notch craft cider.

Rev Nats

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